Blurgh. Got James’s crown done today, but due to various snafus on the part of the dentist, a half-hour procedure took two hours, which cut a sizeable hunk outta my work day. So now I’m staring at my machine attempting to groggle together the motivation to finish what would otherwise have gotten done around noon.

Part of the problem may be that this dental thing caused me to miss lunch, so my blood sugar’s probably down in my toes. Probably my brain will pick up a bit after dinner.

Also went out to get gas this morning. That was an adventure. See, if you haven’t heard, those of us in the Phoenix area are in the middle of a gas shortage, because one of the pipelines that brings gas into the area broke. That would’ve been a minor inconvenience, except that every jackass from here to Flagstaff heard the phrase “gas shortage” and immediately hauled their SUV into the station to fill the tank. And the RV. And the boat. And the pickup. And of course, if everyone in a given area decides to fill every tank they own on the same day, whether or not there’s a REAL gas shortage to begin with, wham!

We went out. There are four gas stations within three blocks. We circled, slowly, seeing lots of nozzles with bags over them. “Out of Service.” Yellow tape everywhere. “Do not cross.” Next gas station. More bags over nozzles. Next gas station. More bags. It was vaguely creepy, in that slow, sinking, hey-guess-how-close-civilization-is-to-the-brink-after-all kind of fashion. And just as we were getting worried, we cruised by the one right next to our house, where a tanker was pulling out and a line was already starting to form. We got in practically at the front of the line, got to the pump in less than five minutes, and drove home with a full tank, which is more than enough to last us, work-at-home types as we are, at least three weeks. So that was a damn good thing.

I’d try to reconstruct the chain of events that led to James declaiming “Burrow before your master, mole Hitler!” last night, but space is entirely too limited.

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