So today I’m working on this cover for Hogshead Games, for their Yakuza sourcebook.

Now, I love the Yakuza as only a Shadowrun junkie who never has to deal with the real thing can, so it’s a lot of fun to do. The covers work best as close-ups, so I get to paint this giant, hulking, overmuscled arm, (with sawed off pinkie joint!) which I then get to cover in nifty tattoos. It’s the sort of thing I hardly ever do, so I’m enjoying the heck out’ve it and getting back in touch with my early desires to be Boris Vallejo. (I’ve outgrown said desires, but it’s still fun, damnit.)

Nobody ever wants ridiculous body-builder fantasy goons anymore. And by and large, that’s a good thing, but now and again it’s fun. Now I just need someone to ask me for a chainmail-bikined Elmore babe, and my trip down memory lane will be complete.

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