My dreams are usually pretty weird and cryptic, but not even I can figure out why I dreamed we were driving down to AZ, stopped at a grocery store, and there was a herd (flock?) of moa grazing on the lawn. Moa. Moas? Whatever.

In other news, due to an unexpected reversal of financial fortunes at James’s company, (through no fault of their own, I might add) they need him there Right Away, and our cash flow’s gotten choked again, so we’re driving down in one four day session, in seperate vehicles, instead of two somewhat more leisurely trips. So I get the car with the cats, and he drives the truck. Shortly after our arrival, we’ll be back on Paycheck Standby mode. Fortunately we’ve got plenty of savings, and of course, I do earn money myself, and credit cards heal many wounds, but it’s annoying to be moving into financial uncertainty. Of course, if it gets too bad, I can always get a real job, but jeez, where’s the joy of that?

The downside of this, of course, is that it’s thrown my Con schedule off–I still plan on doing Anthrocon and of course Trinoc (given that they’re paying me, I don’t have any reason not to!) but I may be using a credit card, and we’re up in the air about whether or not James will accompany me. Hopefully it’ll be financially lucrative enough to pay for itself, of course. Midwest Furfest is far enough on the horizon that my plans really haven’t changed significantly–I hope to go, but we’ll see how it’s looking.

Generally, however, I’m not all that worried…this sort of thing has happened before, s’the breaks when you’re a freelancer, and our fearless leader (i.e. James’s boss) always manages to pull something out of his hat, and is fanatical about taking care of his game monkeys. Having a vested interest in the success of something there, I volunteered a little pro bono work to jazz up one of his proposals, so in addition to packing, I’ve been drawing cute little anime concept sketches. Fear the game that Ursula does concept art for! ‘Course I can’t give you any details, but hey, maybe someone’ll pick it up. However–caveat, caveat–I don’t ever do pro bono work unless you’ve let me crash at your house while I scout for an apartment and have already shipped at least three games, so please, god, don’t anyone get the wrong idea and start sending me proposals. No free art! I am an Art Mercenary! (Sorry, I think that’s a deeply ingrained reaction on my part.)

Packing proceeds apace. Saw X-men 2. Quite enjoyed it. Go, Nightcrawler! And that’s about the state of affairs in Ursulaland.

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