It’s rare that you come back from the taxman feelin’ cheery, but I just did–taxes this year ran over two grand less than I’d planned for, (and quite a lot less than I’d feared), which is all money we can spend on moving. Hot damn! I could actually buy furniture! Like real non-dumpster furniture! I feel so…legitimate. (In answer to the questions–we’d be moving in May, we’re flying down end ‘o April to try and secure a place, and we’re unfortunately limited to the Phoenix area by James’s work.) So I feel all warm and fuzzy, even if we did have the largest stack of tax forms the guy had ever seen. Two artists, both self-employed, filing jointly, home office thingies, and then due to a weird business deal my old employers at Prudential did, which resulted in my getting something like ten shares of stock, which was then sold as too piddly an amount for them to soil their hands with–I wound up with capital gains taxes, something that I thought only happened to elderly Republicans. Since I think I paid about ten bucks, I’m still opposed to a large capital gains tax cut on principle, but it was funny, and resulted in more forms, with the end result that our taxes probably killed at least one sequoia, but not, fortunately, the bank account.

And, since nobody’s come up with any pressing reasons why getting a gallery over at would be a good thing, I’m gonna go with my gut and pass on it…too weird for this wombat.

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