There was a tradition for awhile in my family that on April Fool’s, my mother and I would call each other up, and whoever worked it into the conversation first would say “I’m pregnant!” Then one year she called up around September and really was pregnant, and a lot of the thrill went out of the joke after that.

So anyway, no April Fool’s joke here, mostly because I’ve always found the aftermath of explaining that NO, I’m not dead/gay/harvested for organs/pregnant/got religion/leperous is a lot more trouble than the brief enjoyment engendered by watching people fumble for what to say. (Naturally I can’t think of SMALL jokes–I have no sense of scale. It’s leprosy or nothing.)

On what I think is an unrelated note, (although they could be pullin’ the wool over my eyes, but it seems like a pretty specifically targeted joke for someone they’ve never met) I got a note from one of the guys who runs, asking if I’d like a gallery there to host my Caliban work, since they’re trying to add some “classy pin-up style art” to what they’ve already got. Well, worthy enough cause, I suppose–I’m all for spreading class whenever possible. However, I confess, the notion of being on a dedicatedly furry-porn site, even under this pen-name that I plan to ditch at some point when I’m a wildly succesful commercial illustrator, makes me a little…err…yeah. Part of the reason that I can do this for money is the fact that I don’t actually acknowledge people maybe be…err…thwapping the capybara to it, as t’were. I tell myself that most viewers, like me, enjoy a good pin-up for purely visual charm. It’s possible, right? RIGHT?!

Ahem. Also, there’s the fact that I don’t KNOW anything about this site. I am, as I’ve said many times, not actually a furry fan, I’m more a fantasy artist with some ties to said fandom–I have no idea what’s popular. I didn’t know Yerf was any more than just another obscure little webgallery until long after I’d joined, and someone mentioned casually what a huge exposure that was in furrydom. (Me: “Huh? Really? Wow.”) I had never heard of VCL until I casually went cruising for art archives one day. I don’t think I’ve ever picked up a furry fanzine in my life, unless that stack of things I had to move at the comic shop to get to “Boris Vallejo’s Even More Oily Orange Women Galore” happened to be furry fanzines, which judging by the eight-breasted weasel women on the cover, they may have been. I think I’ve heard stray mention of this site before, but that’s about it. For all I know, this pureyiff place could be the famed El Dorado of furry porn, or nobody could ever have heard of them. If any of you who know furry know one way or t’other, leave a comment–or, uh, e-mail if you’re not comfortable revealing to the world that you know your way around the seedy underbelly of such things. I’m mostly just wondering if potential sales exposure for pin-ups would be significant enough to justify being three clicks away from graphic homoerotic hermaphroditic badger lovin’. (I mean, I don’t care the stuff exists, it’s just do I want to be anywhere in the vicinity?) At the moment, I’m leaning towards “this may be a bit past my comfort zone on that whole furry silliness thing” but on t’other hand…money is potentially money.

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