Another surprisingly uneventful day–had Shadowrun, mucked about with some watercolors, and watched “Monty Python’s Meaning of Life” on the BBC, which contained way more nipples than I remember from the one they show during PBS pledge week. Momma.

Did up a rough version of an illo of a cyber-Ringwraithy-thing fighting off a naked demon woman (always an enjoyable sort’ve theme) which due to some paperwork snafus, and it getting assigned to me without me ever being informed, needs to be done by Wednesday. Which won’t be a problem, most likely, since it’s a black and white, mega-scribble style, but I do need to get the layouts approved, by someone in the UK, who, though he’s a great art director, also has a schedule perpendicular to mine, which means that I either get it approved in five minutes or eighteen hours.

Still, it’s the added spice of danger that makes life fun, right?

James goes off to GDC next week, which means I am staring at three days of…ulp…eating my own cooking. Time to stock up on instant oatmeal and ramen. I have been blessed with a couple of talents–I paint okay, I write relatively coherently, and given enough time and clay, I can throw a bowl you can actually eat from. To make up for these gifts, I have been shortchanged in a few vital areas, among them housekeeping (“It’s only a dust bunny. Call when it’s a dust mammoth, and we’ll talk.”) driving, and cooking. Mostly cooking. Maybe I’ll just eat out.

On the bright side, today was possibly the first Shadowrun day ever when we managed to bribe a group of goblins by giving them a synthetic pair of boobs. Still not really sure where that one came from. Still not sure I want to know. They were pleased with the deal though, and I guess that’s all you can ask from your RPG.

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