Another day, another doodle…unfortunately, I can’t share this one ’til after the sourcebook is published, but since it’s just a “money widget” (i.e. a slapdash spot illo of coins and bills for the “resources” part of character development) you’re not missing much.

Started a black and white of a glyptodont, got the head mostly done, ran out of steam. In an effort to find interesting clothing to put on a giant turtledillo, and recover from feeling generally drained, I wandered through Corbis looking at “cultural and ethnic dress.” I recommend this highly if you ever want to kill several hours. I love the sheer variety of what people wear–so many bizarrely different aesthetics. I think possibly this sort’ve generalized visual delight in differt cultural traditions may have been part of what led me to think I wanted to be an anthropologist. (Well, that and watching “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” ten thousand times as a pre-teen.) Then I learned that you don’t get a sampler of ten thousand different cultures, you have to just hang out in one for years on end, eating termites and coping with lack of plumbing, which may be why I went into art.

Well, that, and I think being a good anthropologist requires a fundamentally optimistic, starry-eyed stubborness, which allows you to get up every morning in some of the most godlessly uncomfortable wastes on earth, eat starvation rations, and then go out and collect verb lists, or hang out in extremely poor and dangerous areas without succumbing to despair. I’m fundamentally optimistic and stubborn, but my threshold of misery and verbs is pretty low. Plus I’m not much good at that whole Prime Directive thing. I’d get a grant to go to investigate something, and six months later, I’d have organized a bloody revolution (or, more likely, been shot for attempting to organize said revolution.) I did a bit better at paleoanthropology because everyone was dead, and there’s very little that bothers a Homo ergaster anymore, but generally I think art’s a much better fit.

P’raps I’ll go work on my currently unfinished watercolor. Or maybe eat pie. Mmmm….pie….

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