Making Friends, Influencing Tapirs

Today’s random nature fact comes to us from the good people at the Tapir Preservation Fund, one of whom evidentally discovered my tribal tapir babe, sent it to others in her organization and wrote to thank me for bringing a moment of glee to a small and dedicated group of people. While I’m always flattered that someone likes my art, this was even better because I was thrilled that somebody out there was going to bat for tapirkind. They’re not exactly noble or graceful beasts, but it’s a better world that has such tapirs in it.

However, the fact that really made it all special was the revelation that the mating call of a male tapir is not, as I had speculated, some variant on “Gronk, baby,” but could be approximated by saying “Eeeka-eeka!” in a high squeaky voice. (Go on, try it. I won’t tell. I said it a few dozen times myself. It must’ve sounded like I was watching tapir art films in here or something.)

This is not something I had known, or indeed, had ever hoped to know, but of course, as soon as I learned it, I couldn’t resist the urge to share the haunting and majestic booty-call of the tapir with everyone I know.

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