So for this commission I’m working on, I’ve got to do a couple two-page spreads for Victoriana, of fight scenes. Fun stuff, enjoyable to do–the client is hoping for a style reminiscent of diTerilizzi, so I spent three or four hours painting up this monster here to try and get the style worked out.

The Door Guard
We bathed my obese cat today, then shaved his belly getting mats off, poor guy, so the inspiration was sort’ve obvious. (I really wish the drool were artistic license. Really, really wish.) Verdict–got the style close to right on the monster, although it needs a bit more detail, but failed on the chick. Need to find a better balance between linework (neccessary because it’s gonna get grey-scaled for advertising) and getting the color right–I think maybe I should have played looser with the lighting and brightened up her face more. Back to the drawing board I go, but thought I’d share my learning experience. (Okay, fine, I’m just proud of the drool.)

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