Bride of the Fake Book Cover

Livejournal was hopping with good advice, which led to this:


and that led to this:



For this next one, a reprise of Bryony, I wanted to use the same font, but a rather bolder graphic approach. I have no idea if it works at all visually, but I gotta confess, the thumbnail reads better than the actual cover. (Sure, that’s just what I need to do, redo all my back catalog covers. In, y’know, MY COPIOUS SPARE TIME.) Thoughts, as always, welcome. (I just don’t know about the author name there–it really gouges the line of the rose. Maybe I should yank out one of the stems on the right and put it in there in black instead…)

1 thoughts on “Bride of the Fake Book Cover

  1. Elentarri says:

    I rather liked the original covers you have for Bryony and the Seventh Bride. In my opinion, these new ones look rather childish (bright colours, block outlines) and boring. I love your artwork, so having that on the covers of your books/stories is an extra bonus – even if I have to look at the art in black/white on a dinky screen e-reader.

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