2 thoughts on “Cover Reveal!

  1. Janice in GA says:

    Just got this from Amazon last night, totally looking forward to finishing it!

    I may be in the minority, but I often read on a small device (e.g., iPod Touch 6th gen, while lying down in bed at night). When you force justification on files on small screen, you can get some really wonky text spacing. The Kindle app doesn’t have a way to change justification (that I know of), unlike some other readers. That’s been my biggest beef with Amazon ebooks for a long time. They’ve started to change a bit. Not ALL ebooks have full justification now, so that’s progress in my little corner of the world.

    I totally support you designing your books whichever way you want, mind you. Just one person’s thoughts here. I’ll read the text anyway, I’ll just grumble a little at the formatting while I do.

  2. NaomiRuth says:

    Stop writing things! I’m going to go bankrupt! *dramatically flings arms about*

    No. Don’t listen to me. Please keep writing. Wait. Yes, listen to me. I was putting books away in the Kid’s section at work and saw you had a new Hamster Princess book and, of course, had to buy it immediately. Well, after my shift ended because my wallet was in the car, because I hide it there so that I won’t buy things. I’m also in the middle of your Nine Goblins book. Which is lovely, by the way, but – as an aside – for some reason the Kobo version doesn’t have title information for the chapters, which is odd. But anyway. All of this ramblyness to say: I will gladly go poor to buy your books and support the good work you are doing. Thank you ::)

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