Everything Happens At Once!

First of all, I have a new short story up at Apex Magazine!

Apex # 68

It’s called Pocosin and has a possum god. You can read it for free, though I hope you’ll consider subscribing to one of the best little SF magazines around! (There’s also an interview with me.)

Also, Dragonbreath #10 : Knight-Napped! hits the shelves today! Even if you don’t buy a copy, totally go look at it in the store just to boggle at SOLID FOIL COVER!

(There are like mondo huge advertising things coming, none of which are quite done yet, but I will link when they go live, because they’re just kinda neat and impressive.)

And I’m on the very last Hamster Princess 2 illustration, and if I can finish it today, this will be like Triple Threat Day.

1 thoughts on “Everything Happens At Once!

  1. Elisa @ Leopards and Dragons says:

    I ***LOVED*** Dragonbreath: Knight-napped! I read it at lunch so that I can hand it over to my son tonight. He is going to promptly steal it and disappear with it when I get home. Nice shiny, shiny cover too. Perfect for distracting me from work :)

    Okay, now that I have gotten my fangirl squee out of the way, I have to attempt to actually get some work one.

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