The Obligatory Award Eligibility Post 2014 Edition

Okay, so let’s talk about happier stuff for awhile!

We’re sliding into the end of the year and the award eligibility posts are going up, if any of you are voters in such beasts and so inclined. So, without further ado, here’s the stuff I’ve written this year that might qualify for something!

Flash Fiction:

Godmother – self-published, approx 600 words (as T. Kingfisher)

Short Story:

Jackalope Wives – Apex Magazine (written as Ursula Vernon)
The Dryad’s Shoe – Women Destroy Fantasy, Fantasy Magazine (as T. Kingfisher)
Toad Words  – self published, (as T. Kingfisher)


Boar & Apples – self-published as part of the Toad Words & Other Stories anthology, approx 25K (as T. Kingfisher)


The Seventh Bride – self-published, approx 57K (as T. Kingfisher)


The Hidden Almanac (with Kevin Sonney)

I think that covers everything of significance I’ve been doing lately. If you are so inclined to vote for one of those, thank you!

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