The Dryad’s Shoe

My short story in the Women Destroy Fantasy collection is available to read on-line!

The Dryad’s Shoe

If you enjoy it, please consider buying either the e-book or print volume from Fantasy Magazine of the whole issue–it is some super cool stuff.

And can I just say how awesome it is to have been involved in this project? I was so honored that Cat Rambo seized this one. I frequently lack the energy or the sanity to really get both hands into all the worthy causes that I should and being able to be part of WDF and the whole we-are-part-of-fantasy-no-matter-what-th

e-haters-say awesomness of it is just…whoa.

(It’s also T. Kingfisher’s first trad publishing credit, so, y’know. How cool izzat?)

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