Toad Words Launch Day!

And we are live, gang!

(I’m including the cover again so we all remember what I’m talking about…)


An ePub version only is available via Smashwords.

Amazon Kindle

It’s Kindley!


Impressively fast turnaround from Draft2Digital for this one. (If anybody grabs this one, please let me know if the formatting transferred okay–I checked the D2D draft, but it’s not quite the same as having an e-reader of that type!)


One day turnaround for Draft2Digital here–still impressed!


Okay, Draft2Digital is getting a tentative mega-thumbs-up from me. We’ll see how they do on the payouts, but so far…holy mackerel.

PDF version

If you can only read PDFs, don’t despair! I will happily sell you one directly for 3.99 via Paypal! E-mail me at ursulav (at) or use the contact form on the site and we will make it happen!

Review Copies

If you’re a book reviewer and would like a free copy of Toad Words, shoot me an e-mail at ursulav (at) with a link to your site and the format you’d prefer, and I am delighted to send one out!

But Where Do You Get The Most Money?

I love you guys. I get the most money via Smashwords, at the moment, followed by Amazon, though Amazon pays it out a LOT faster. However, we’re talking a matter of a couple cents and I really want you to get it in the format that is most convenient to you. If you’d like to support me, the best thing you can do is leave an honest review (and by that I actually really mean “honest” because I don’t read my reviews, so you can say anything you want and my feelings won’t be hurt) on whatever platform you like to read on. Reviews may lead other people to buy the book, and that’s worth way more than the nickel or so between various platforms.

I Found A Problem

Thank you for letting me know! Comment here and let’s see if it’s something I can fix. (Formatting between devices is occasionally wonky and not always within my control, but I will do my best!)

Will There Be A Print Volume?

Not at the moment. If somebody in the small-press world wanted to make me an offer, I’m totally willing to entertain the option, but it’s not something I’m currently set up to do myself, and I’d rather not do it than do it badly (and oh, but the internet has made it easy for someone like me to do it very, very badly!) I could (and may be forced to!) learn the pre-press ropes to do a POD version, but I suspect it would cost a lot more than 3.99.

9 thoughts on “Toad Words Launch Day!

  1. Amy says:

    They got it up on the UK Nook store as well (! Hooray! That is some pretty impressive distribution time.

    I would get it on the Nook if I hadn’t already picked it up on Smashwords. Thank you for putting the epub on Smashwords, by the way. It’s nice to have an online repository that isn’t tied to a specific device.

    Oh, and this is totally burying the lede, but it’s fantastic and I love it and thank you for collecting these stories into an anthology that’s all conveniently portable.

  2. RhianimatorLGP says:

    I’d pay money for this… oh wait, I DID that already. woot!

    Helped me through a day of my boss worrying about smugglers harassing the shipping staff. Granted, it is worrisome, since our factory is in Mexico, but my boss can go from zero to Apocalypse in less than a minute. Next week when the hysteria is all out of his system, he’ll take care of what’s needed and work will go on. In the mean time, I have a collection of short stories about people calmly dealing with really weird circumstances to provide counterbalance. – Thanks

  3. mjfgates says:

    Following the B&N link brings me to a page featuring every one of your available works *except* this one. Which didn’t stop me from hunting it down and buying it, but still, it’s odd.

  4. Escher says:

    I noticed a tiny little typo. In “Boar & Apples”, when the huntsman is talking to the queen:

    “Yes, my queen?” said Arrin finally, which the silence had gotten so thick[…]

    “which” should be “when”.

    • Escher says:

      Actually, a bit further on:

      …the others were pure forest boar — or perhaps sow, since the last of the eight were female.

      Shouldn’t that be “was” rather than “were”? “The last” is singular.

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  6. Jane says:

    Just a note about kobo (which I read via app, rather than device) — many indie booksellers (I use Third Place Books in Seattle) now are associated with Kobo, so you can buy through your local indie, and they get a cut from Kobo.

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