Slice of Life: Father’s Day Edition

ME: Hey, Kevin, I have a photo that will hit you right in the man-feels!


ME: *shows photo of the stormtrooper figure with the two little lego stormtroopers*

KEVIN: I’ve seen it. That does not hit me in the man-feels.

ME: What if Sarah McLaughlan was playing in the background?

KEVIN: No. It’d need to be a movie, where the dad stormtrooper calls to say “I’m coming home, honey,” and then the Death Star explodes and the baby stormtroopers are on the beach watching it blow up and then a shuttle lands and the dad stormtrooper gets out and they all hug and AND Sarah McLaughlan is playing. THEN there will be feels.

ME: …

ME: I think you may have just designed geek dad kryptonite.

KEVIN: BRB, filming.

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