52+ Photos: Week 3

Hard on the heels of yesterday…I have a couple this week, and a couple of thoughts, such as they are! (Critique is welcome, but be kind–I’m still new at this!)


Angus the cat, taken in Camera+ and filtered therein. Turns out if you blur around the edges, for whatever reason, it tells the brain that whatever you are looking at is very very small. (Well, my brain. Your brain may be different.)  So Angus looks like he ought to be in a dollhouse or something. Interesting to know.


Sammy the cat is acting Very Dignified here.* Taken in Camera+ and given a bit of filtering. I would have liked to be able to ditch the dresser in the background, but alas, Sammy’s wiggling did not allow for much posing (and if I’d tried to change the angle, she would have sat up and assumed it was petting time!) I think it’d probably work better if the bedspread continued on the other side, say.

Still, y’know, wiggly cat photo!


Why I Should Not Be Left Alone At World Market. (After some cropping, this is actually one of the better composed photos I’ve taken this week. Probably that says something profound about me.) Would have been nice to find a way to work the one sign on the right in–it said “Water Closet”–but I could only fiddle with stuff on the shelf for so much without enraging the staff.


*Sammy is probably the least mentioned of our felines, because frankly she doesn’t have a lot of personality beyond “Pet me. Pet me now. Pet me more. Pet me. Pet me. Pet me.”


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