Belated Round-up!

So, a coupla things…

Yesterday, I learned that one of the colloquial names for lady’s slipper orchids is “whippoorwill shoes.”


I also learned that the highway I live just off of, which is a Generic Number, actually does have a name. In the maps, it is “Devil’s Stomping Ground Road.”*

Needless to say, this made me absurdly happy.

Hidden Almanac 3 went up yesterday, and it has been approved for the iTunes store!

Also, if you’re up in the Upper Peninsula next month, I have a gallery show at Gallery Boheme in Calumet, Michigan. It’ll be up through the month of October, and the opening is on the 4th. I’ll be there! It’s a bunch of originals, some limited edition prints, a few pieces that never made it onto the blog (SHEEEEEEP!) and should be generally nifty.

(Did I mention Book 9 of Dragonbreath is out? Case of the Toxic Mutants? I did, right? I was traveling, so maybe not…)


*Probably related to the Devil’s Tromping Ground, which is a thing somewhere in this county, I think over by Siler City. It is supposedly a permanently bare circle where the Devil goes to pace when he has some thinking to do. In person it is apparently not all that bare and not all that impressive, despite the best efforts of ghost-shows to jazz it up with camera filters.

Legend has it that chickens will not eat grain out of this enchanted circle, but I don’t know anyone who’s tried.

7 thoughts on “Belated Round-up!

  1. Uzuri says:

    “Devil’s Stomping Ground Road.”


    Chickens will eat grain out of the mud, the septic tank, chicken crap, and other chickens. I somehow doubt the Devil would faze them much.

  2. Timothy Eisele says:

    Hey, Calumet is just down the road! I could actually go see your show! Now I just need to figure out where the Gallery Boheme is . . . Ah, here we are, 423 Fifth Street, open 11-4, Tues-Sat.

    Whee! Are you only going to be there in person on the 4th, or on other days as well?

  3. Jenny says:

    Well, now I’m absurdly happy. As a Marquette-dweller, I had resigned myself to never seeing your work in person unless I made it to a con. I’ve been squealing in delight for the past five minutes or so.

    (Hi Katie and Tim!)

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