More fun with drafting film!

I had this sketch in my sketchbook with the line “DO SOMETHING WITH THIS!!” scribbled underneath. I obey my sketchbook. It’s the only way to keep it from chewing on my brain in the small hours of the night.

I had two brown colored pencils for this one, instead of three gray ones. As an initial experiment I was pretty pleased. (I think I do best with VERY limited palettes with this stuff…see also Dragonbreath…) And drafting film is at least keeping me interested, which is more than I can say for a lot of mediums…

6 x 18ish.

I would make a drinking game out of how many people on Deviantart are going to start in on the anatomy, but my liver is still recovering from Sharknado.

Prints! Yes. That is a thing we can do, if you really want a freaky-faced giant tiger snarling at you from behind the toilet.*

*I assume all art is hung behind the toilet. I think it’s because I hang a lot of art there.

2 thoughts on “Tiger

  1. RhianimatorLGP says:

    Toilet art is one thing, and yes, I have one that belongs there but has yet to be hung in the new house.

    But do you have guardian Attack art? I have a piece that traditionally hangs across from the door and is 2′ x 4′ acrylic on trapunto intimidating tree trunk. It once fell off a wall when an intruder was trying to come in the house and scared him off. It has attitude.

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