More Fun With Drafting Film

Gray colored pencil instead of graphite this time—made life much easier! Layered it over a print with the gray trees in the background so we got more of the layered, foggy look. (Next time, I may do TWO layers. Madness!)

Still not entirely sure what that little critter is. It was originally some sort of tarsier, but I think there’s been some genetic drift.

6ish by 12ish

I haven’t drawn seriously twisty trees in ages. I forgot how soothing that is. And at the same time, how maddening.

Original will probably go to that gallery show I’m trying to assemble art for…

3 thoughts on “More Fun With Drafting Film

  1. Al the K says:

    We’re dying/you may be dying to find out what you can do with this stuff in mixed media. IIRC you might need to stretch it like thinner watercolor papers.

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