Anthrocon ho!

I will be at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh this weekend, and hitting the road tomorrow.

(If you come over to steal stuff because of this post and the petsitter isn’t home, please have the decency to take the beagle along with my valuables. He will require six Benadryl and an anti-fungal a day, and you have to sing “BEEEEEAAGLE-CHEEEEESE!” to get him to come take the pills, even though he’ll only eat them in a hot dog. Also, you have to massage his ear twice a day to keep the swelling down. Enjoy your new beagle. He will love you and pee often.)

You have all been awesome beyond measure in the last thread and I’m honored to have such a damn decent bunch of readers. I will not have as much time to police the threads and it’s hard to freeze them all without deleting comments, so keep being awesome and if any trolls show up, somebody ping me on Twitter rather than engaging, please? (@UrsulaV)

There will be art and resin sheep heads from Wool-Tribe at the AC art show.

…and yes, Wombat will come with us. (I really must post his travelogue here at some point.)

Also, we’re nearly at 100K on the omnibus Kickstarter, and I am probably going to have to design a tribal wombat tattoo…

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