Digger Omnibus Kickstarter Coming Soon!

Well, the title more or less says it all, but let me say it again.

We want to do an omnibus edition of Digger. You guys asked (repeatedly!) and we think it’s a great idea!

The downside (and the reason we haven’t done it already) is that hardcover omnibuseseses require a big chunk of cash up front—we’re talking a big print job here, on the order of the Bone omnibus edition, and that does not run cheap. (Plus, of course, while people keep asking, we’re talking a spendy beast here and we want to make sure there’s enough interest to justify doing it!) Plus, if we get a LOT of interest, we can do all kinds of neat extras, like color inserts and cover embossing and extra stories and giant wombat balloons in the Macy’s Day Parade!*

So, in a couple of weeks, we’ll be Kickstartering! And we will have all kinds of neat goodies for sponsors (postcards! pins! pickaxes!) and also all kinds of mildly absurd goodies for sponsors (I believe at one level, I name a tree in the yard after you and put a little plaque with your name on it…) so watch this space for more information! You’ll be the first to know!


(Also, hey, Digger got nominated for the Mythopoeic Award, which is neat, too!)



*One of these things is a bald-faced lie.

12 thoughts on “Digger Omnibus Kickstarter Coming Soon!

  1. Christopher Sanner says:

    this is exactly what Kickstarter is for.
    I’m (in all probability [barring natural disasters, etc]) in.

  2. Wolf Lahti says:

    Is the cover embossing the bald-faced lie? ‘Cause I’d totally pass on that. It’s always seemed gimmicky to me and never looks as good as one would hope.

  3. Godel Fishbreath says:

    Can we get the fun comments too? I valued the place where you ‘found’ a fast way to end the story by IIRC having Ed trade knowledge of how to do purple. That comment was a wonderful look into the creative process.,

  4. Godel Fishbreath says:

    I have all the books. I am content, unless there is something special about the kickstarter edition.

  5. Alex R. says:

    P.S. When I say “a few” I mean like twenty – I won’t pay large amounts of $$ for a small amount of bonus strips.

    Another way of putting out an omnibus might be to get together with a bunch of other comics people and putting your stuff on a ten inch pad. I’m not sure it’s an economic model that would work, but I like the idea of it. I pay X amount of dollars and I get a big android, plus “Digger” and maybe “A Girl and Her Fed” and stuff from a bunch of other creators.

  6. Hawk says:

    Congratulations on the nomination 🙂

    And I would totally be in for that project. I’ve been lusting after the Digger books in print – I keep hinting heavily to people that they’re on my wish list…!

    But yeah, totally down for that. Bonus strips would be nice, and including some of the (best) comments from the site would be pretty damn awesome too, though I’m not sure how that would work, format wise.

    I could do without cover embossing, too 😛

  7. MarlowePI says:

    Oh my gosh, yes. My (now) wife bought me the first three volumes years ago, but I never got myself around to ordering the other three. Will the omnibus contain the bonus features from the back of each of the individual volumes (such as “The Illustrated Guide to Moles”)?

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