It is now possible to start at the beginning, play through, and finish Act I of my StoryNexus game. (I mean, if you’re a playtester. It’s not live yet.)

You’d get bored doing it, because some of it would involve grinding ONE card over and over again, since I haven’t gotten all that content in yet, and there’d be some abrupt loose ends where I haven’t finished a storyline, and furthermore, you can ONLY follow the Way of the Hunter, not one of the other two paths, and it still isn’t possible to die.

And none of the art is mine because they haven’t introduced that function yet, and I’m pretty well bound and determined not to release the game until they do (which theoretically will be late this month, but I expect it may run long, development times being what they are.)

Nevertheless, the game is, in a horrible hacked together fashion, now playable.

I’m kinda proud of that.

My next goal is to get the other two Ways up and running, so that you can choose to be either a Shaman, a Hunter, or a Beast-Speaker. (Beast-Speaker is straightforward, just gonna take awhile to write. Shaman is…still a bit up in the air yet.)

I’m somewhat amused, looking over the quest-lines, how much this game basically reinforces my own moral code. You’re rewarded for helping people, pitching in, being polite, and Not Doing Incredibly Stupid Shit. You are generally not given the opportunity to be an asshole, but there’s a few places where you are given the option to pull a serious dick move, and if you do…well, there are consequences. (Mostly you get a do-over, but there’s at least two points where if you do the stupid or unkind thing, you really did do the stupid/unkind thing, and either you spend a quest chain atoning for it or you don’t get to follow that Way.)

This is not a game that rewards (or even really allows for) Chaotic Evil behavior. I expect some people will find that terribly disappointing, but y’know…free game. Not my problem.*


*And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I am not kickstartering to pay for my time doing it.

2 thoughts on “Whew.

  1. RhianimatorLGP says:

    You mean they are going to let us upload art eventually? Frabjous joy! By the time I get the mechanics worked out I’ll be able to put some images in to make it all purty. When your game does go live, i promise I will play the heck out of it.

  2. Hazel says:

    You mean your game has one out of three Ways complete and it’s still the third largest game in their catalogue? I think your overall goal should be to make their servers explode. I have no doubt that you can do it.

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