Rough Seams goes to e-bay!

And you can bid on him!

(I have no idea what to charge, so am setting it at covers materials/won’t make me cry bitter tears.)

Just to re-iterate, I am new to this and he is going to be somewhat fragile as a result. This is art, not something to hand to the kids or let the cat drag around. (I wouldn’t sell him if I didn’t think he was durable enough to ship, pet, or sit on a shelf and look cute, but I feel obligated to say something because…well…it looks like a toy, and people make assumptions…)

Meanwhile, I am almost at the sewing stage on the next one!

3 thoughts on “Rough Seams goes to e-bay!

  1. Al the K says:

    And so, Rough Seams prepared to cross valley after valley, mountain after mountain, river after river with a mystic cloak of bubbles to protect him. Invoking the power of the spirits of Crent and asking the tribal sage Ursula to make an offering coins and paper to the male snails, he then felt completely prepared. Yet one question remained, the question asked by generations and generations of his people since time immemorial — Do you have cake?

  2. larksilver says:

    While I could not begin to approach the final price on him, I applaud his creation. That is one heck of a plushy art piece, ma’am!

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