I hang around the Absolute Write forums on occasion, and there have been odd little Christmas themed graphics going by in one of the ad spaces. Today it was this one, which I loved dearly. I haven’t been able to find an artist, or turn it up in another search–looks vintagey, although the border is obviously modern.

Nevertheless, I wanted to share it with you guys, because it’s AWESOME.

Copyright unknown artist, I guess. If anybody turns up the name, please let me know!

It’s not the Krampus design itself—my buddy Miss Monster’s are way better. (And often plagiarized, more’s the pity.)

No, it’s the kids…


BOY #1: Dude! Hell! Not cool!

GIRL #1: I have something in my eye. Now I’m sad.

KRAMPUS: Gene Simmons got nuthin’ on me!

GIRL #2: Ho hum, dragged to hell again. Hell is so boring this time of year.



Reminds me of those old style saint cards that Catholics give out at random events. (Sort of like the wackier Protestants give out Chick Tracts, I guess, if you want to support bad painters and feel too guilty to actually lecture anyone about anything. There’s a whole subset just for funerals, with the deceased’s stats on the back like a very odd sort of baseball card.)

7 thoughts on “Krampus!

  1. Kitty says:

    My mother tells me a different story about Krampus and I was so surprised to hear it differently! She’s of Romania Gypsy descent and their Krampus comes and rescues them, popping them in his basket so they can safely be carried off to have a fun holiday away from all the other nasty kids.

  2. Katie says:


    The card is a bonus card for the Christmas Tarot produced by Corinne Kenner.

    The image was most likely sourced from the free gallery of Krampus vintage postcards at

    This card is also pictured in The Devil in Design: The Krampus Postcards by Monte Beauchamp. Perhaps he has a source.

    The source may also be unknown.

    There is also a chance the picture is Hungarian – in one version of the picture the word “krampuszatol” can be faintly seen at the top, and while that word brings up absolutely nothing in a Google search, the word “krampusz” as opposed to “krampus” seems to be Hungarian.

  3. J Cox says:

    Apparently in a couple of weeks, there is suppose to be some sort of a krampus parade in Portland, OR. I am assuming it’s going to involve people dressing up in costumes with whips. ><

    Also, my buddy is a print artist and she has a krampus print that a dutchman and his friend were chattering about last night.

  4. Uzuri says:

    I’m so totally putting in my will that I want baseball cards with my face on them handed out at my funeral.

    My survivors are going to hate you. Or love you. I’m not sure which.

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