State of the Word-Swamp

As I promised myself, a list of works in progress with associated word counts, so that I have something to refer to. This is mostly for my own reference at the moment, so I don’t forget some of the things that are there, and sure, I COULD do it in Evernote or something, but where’s the fun in that?

In Progress:

Armadillo Wizard, middle-grade – 19.4K (Probably has a home once finished.)

Bryony & The Beast, (YA? Adult?) – 53K (Finished, awaiting agent feedback.)

Boar & Apples, novella – 11K

Bread Wizard, middle-grade – 74K (awaiting second round of edits from editor)

The YA Night-Gaunt Paranormal Romance, God Help Us All – 18.8K

House With Bird Feet, middle-grade – 34K (awaiting agent feedback)

Goblins, novella — 35K

Regency Ninja – 35K (currently being shopped, getting second read somewhere)


Battlesheep, young reader comic — 3.5K (needs re-write of end bit, been passed around, may be dead but damnit, I love the character designs.)

Familiar Blues, middle-grade comic/chapter hybrid — 4.5K (Proposal stage, maybe after Hamster Princess)

Platypus Files, middle-grade comic/chapter hybrid – 3K (Proposal stage. Need to change to some other species, alas.)

Seventh Bride, aka The One With The Hedgehog — 15.5K — (Passed, possible conflict between YA theme and middle-grade writing. Shove in drawer and poke later.)

Dark House, aka Evil Little House On The Prairie- 15K (Poke much later, when copyright expires)

Moth-Riders, middle-grade – 18K

Not Dead Yet:

The One With The Barbarian Gynecologist – 37K (Stuck. Either turns into heavy political crap I can’t write, or ends rather badly.)

Angler & the Bluebird – 20K (Think I’m writing the wrong book. Might be serviceable with kicking.)

Slate, Ninja Accountant – 67K (Should get off ass and finish.)

Elf & Orc – Can’t find file, have to go digging. Stuck on ending.

Everything Else – A Zillion K

(Yes, yes, I know, people want to see the one with the barbarian gynecologist and Elf & Orc and so on, and they’re not DEAD, but they’re…stuck. Sometimes I get to a point and realize that I either don’t know what happens next, or I do know and don’t much like it. I won’t swear they won’t turn up later, just…at the moment, not in the queue.)

…man, I have too damn many projects. Still, helpful to have them all in one place for once.

9 thoughts on “State of the Word-Swamp

  1. ShinyHappyGoth says:

    Personally, I think all your works with working titles “The One with ______” should be officially titled thus. (Okay, maybe not, but it makes me giggle.)

  2. larksilver says:

    Thank you for posting that. It’s so nice to know that I’m not the only one with more ideas than time to complete them!

    Also, I now have to go look at your YA/middle-grade stuff. I have a ten-year-old who is as odd as I am, and bound to love your stuff!

  3. WorkingVolition says:

    @C.S.P. Schofield:
    Me too. I’d especially like to hear the conversation that went on when Descending Helix wrote stuff down on the shackles.

  4. Mean Waffle says:

    Does the Battlesheep include the viking sheep you drew? Because he (she?) was awesome.

    I’m tickled to see that the Regency Ninja kept going. Also tickled by the rest of the titles. Just generally on the verge of laughter all around. Thanks.

  5. Alex R. says:

    You can find all the published pieces of Elf vs. Orc on the web, but if your version of the manuscript has lots of notes (and I suspect it does) you’re SOL.

  6. Hawk says:

    Having more projects than time is a sign of a creative mind. Or so I keep telling myself when I look into my folder of writing projects…

    I somewhat agree with ShinyHappyGoth up there; but I think “the one with” is a good subtitle for most anything you do!

    My brother happened by as I was giggling over “Regency Ninja.” His face when I told him why I was giggling was priceless. Kind of a cross between horror and fascination, as if his mind was forcing him to imagine a world where ninjas invade Regency England…whether he wants to or not!

    It was most epic. Then he ran away, attempting to do so as manfully as possible. Said attempt was quite ruined by the pitiful whimpers 😀

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