Official Warning

This is your official warning, internet. I woke up this morning singing “White Christmas” and lit up a gingerbread-scented candle.

Be afraid.

And have a picture of my cat. (Okay, he’s really Kevin’s cat now. I know when I’m beat.)

I am little! And orange! And compact!

That’s Ben in the background, but in his defense, he is laying at one of those weird angles and is actually made primarily of muscle and entitlement.

Also, I wrote a gardening post over at Beautiful Wildlife Garden, about a low-maintenance garden I don’t actually own, which, which not quite as amusing as my Plea For A Better Class Of Knick-Knacks,still has some pretty good plant lists for our area.

5 thoughts on “Official Warning

  1. Tami says:

    *laugh* Oddly enough, I’ve found your “notice of seasons changing” to be about a month-and-a-half, if not two months ahead of the Wisconsin schedule.

    It’s pretty much the perfect amount of time for me to prepare, excepting the cases where you deliver gardening PSAs, and then I weep for my lack of anything even resembling a yard.

  2. The Gecko says:

    TOO SOON! We’re not even past halloween yet!

    Best cat pose is when they lie down in a perfectly straight line with their paws tucked under, so you can’t tell that they are there at all. They look like little feline torpedoes.

  3. Hawk says:

    So damn cute! Here’s the funny bit: for a minute when I first looked at the photo, I thought that was two of MY cats!

    Except that Tiger and Rudy would not be sleeping so peacefully in proximity to each other. It would be, ah, an action shot shall we say?

    As for humming Christmas music…you, too?

    (And there IS no such thing as too soon. Dammit, I have Christmas songs on my everyday playlist. It’s good music!)

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