digital, Painter 7


Martha was annoyed to discover that the #7 bus, instead of taking her to bridge club, had dropped her in yet another damn fantasy world.

The fauns in the last one had been very polite, but she’d had to fight that thing with the tentacles off with her handbag.


Martha showed up in a sketch, but the guy with the recycling really makes it for me. I really need to start physical art for FC, but felt like doing something silly and digital first.

Prints available, as always.

5 thoughts on “Martha

  1. Graydon says:

    It’s the mowhawk lizard with the flower that does it for me.

    The thing in the tree above Martha doesn’t hurt, but the little guy with the flower is what does it.

  2. Helen P. says:

    As always Ursula, I find great humor in your work. I love her look at the creature and it is looking at her like”what the hell?” Everyone’s looking at her with a bit of curiosity.

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