Allegory of Justice

Honestly, my greatest accomplishment today was rousting out a completely uncontrollable perennial sunflower that was flopping everywhere and generally being a very poor neighbor in the garden.

Then there’s this…

Digital. Thingy. Ferrets.

Some day, I will figure out that cut paper look that I want to do somehow. Probably. Mind you, once you start doing nonsensical allegorical paintings, it’s hard to know when to stop. “The Puffin Of Organization Astride The Dragon Of Excessive Craft Supplies.” “Excellence As A Young Hamster Maiden Nibbled By The Turtles Of Indolence.” You get the idea.

Prints available as always.

9 thoughts on “Allegory of Justice

  1. The Gecko says:

    Re: Runaway allegorical art.

    I think as long as you don’t sink to the level of newspaper “political cartoons”, you’re still good.

  2. Mean Waffle says:

    I tried to decide which animal would represent Procrastination, but I’ve decided to think about it later.

    Seriously, if I could get Organization and Defeated Procrastination on the wall, I’d build an altar.

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