Prince of Garlic

Painter, Photoshop, generalized misery

I did about eight hundred things wrong in the course of this painting. I started out with a very clear idea of how to paint it, which is pretty much always death. So I wound up doing and redoing things and wasting a lot of effort on steps that proved totally unnecessary. But this sort of thing is important, because you learn what not to waste time on next time. Or something like that. Various bits did not work out like I wanted, but I’m just going with it now, because I am close to moving into the I HATE IT FOREVER stage, and if I simply call it done, in a few months I may stumble across it and go “Hey, that’s actually not bad!” (Or not. That’s fine. Failure is important. I WILL FIX EVERYTHING IN THE NEXT ONE. ART IS HARD.)

The notion of a set of cards using spices as a suit got scrawled down in a sketchbook ages ago, and while I never got much past the idea of the King and Queen of spices, when I wanted to do a piece that had some Old-Time Feel to it, it sprang to mind.

Prints availableish.

4 thoughts on “Prince of Garlic

  1. Kate says:

    I like it. It’d be really cool to do a tarot set of them…I’d buy one! 🙂 You could go for basic card meanings (some sets have custom meanings for different cards…) Unless you want the headache of writing a tarot deck as well. *shudder* or I’m crazy, because your average tarot deck has 76 cards instead of 52.

  2. Hawk says:

    I like this. The tones are very soothing to my eyes.

    I noticed the detail on his coat, the sort of texture (as if the fabric is embossed or something, I dunno what that would be called)..anyway I thought it was a really cool touch and looked just fabulous. His little smile is too cute 😀

  3. RhianimatorLGP says:

    Let’s see, you’d have to have something for coins, swords, wands, and cups; Earth, Air, Fire, Water respectively. Hrrm… Garlic, Ginger, hot peppers, and mint work for me. Wait, that means we have thai spring rolls. Break out the peanut sauce! ;p

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