Prints of “Many Peculiar Things” are now available, for all your oddly margined weirdly masked rabbitary needs!

In other news, is it just me or does *a character who shall remain nameless for spoiler reasons* really get totally forgotten at the end of Diablo III? It’s awesome you’re gonna run things now, Tyrael, it’s lovely how you’ve cleaned up the place, but after that extremely long funeral cutscene in Act I, did we all completely forget that *spoiler* ALSO bit demonic dust in a really futile and tragic fashion?

Also, damn, but cut-scene rendering has improved since the olden days.

Also it is starting to strain my willpower when Kevin’s oldest, who is firmly in that stage of teenagehood where you march around telling people “You do know that you can…” in a tone indicating that it is astounding that the world has run this long without your assistance* wanders in and says “You do know that you can combine gems/what they do/look at weapon stats/breathe without assistance, right?”

One of these days I am going to snap and growl, “Listen, kid, I was playing Diablo before you were a small squirmy glimmer in your father’s testicles!”

His father has offered me a dollar to do so, as long as he is in the room at the time and can watch.


*I know I did it too. My mother was clearly either a saint or extremely hard of hearing.


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