2 thoughts on “Oh, yeah…

  1. Meghan says:

    I got my oldest nephew (currently age 7) a copy of Dragonbreath for Christmas and he called me tonight (with the help of an adult) to inform me that his birthday is coming up next month and that he’ll be 8 and he’d really, really like a copy of Attack of the Ninja Frogs and Lair of the Bat Monster. Not to mention my mom told me that this weekend she was driving him somewhere and he sat in the backseat reading Dragonbreath out loud to her. Apparently he really likes the book (making me the official cool aunt for the moment). Now I just need to get someone else in the family to agree to buy him the books I’m not getting him for his birthday so I can calm that voice inside me that objects to buying books in a series out of order.

    Glad to see the next book is out and can’t wait to buy it (for me!)! Also, I was at the Barnes & Noble in Charlotte last weekend and was very pleased to see the Meet Danny Dragonbreath display here too. 🙂

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