Goodbye, 2011!

Another year down, another few paintings, another couple books.

It has been a good year. There were some worrisome bits, Kevin was out of work for awhile there, but we’re ending the year in better shape than when we began, he loves his new job, and they provide health benefits to domestic partners. I can look at what I accomplished in 2011, and believe that I did not waste the time allotted to me. (Sure, I would have liked to get more paintings done, but that’s a more or less permanent condition.) I wrapped Digger and the weird anxiety that attends all enormous projects slid off my shoulders—thank god that’s over, now if I die everybody won’t be left hanging, whew, I require pie, goddamnit.

For all my readers, I continue to be terribly grateful (and a bit bemused) that you’re all sticking around and provide such constant enthusiasm and unwavering faith. For 2012, I hope that you get many things accomplished, eat many delightful meals, have many moments that make you glad to be alive, and are well and truly loved.

Have one of the last paintings of 2011!

Mixed media on collage paper, 9 x 12.

There are various phrases that jangle insistently in my head and make a weird little space around themselves. They go away for awhile, and then show up again. I sort of assume that some day I will find myself in a strange dreamworld—possibly that’s what happens when you die, I don’t know, or I will accidentally fall into a fairy mound while chasing an interesting bird—and these phrases will turn out to be critically important to my survival. (The alternative is that I’m mildly insane.)

One of the most persistent of these is “Antelope women are not to be trusted.”

Anyway, prints available, as always, and original for sale, drop a line if interested!


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