The Grim March of the Vegetable

Today I ordered seeds. It’s a sort of masochistic experience, because I am very bad at vegetables, but I do it anyway.

This year’s experiments are Malabar climbing spinach (it tastes like spinach, it likes wicked heat and humidity, it functions as a salad green in midsummer) daikon radishes, Bull’s Blood beets, and a miniature bell-pepper. I am also going to try a short-day onion, direct seeded into the ground this fall, if the seeds actually arrive in time. (We’ll see how that goes…) Parisian heirloom pickling cucumbers and Wando garden peas will also get another run at the garden.

May the gardening gods have mercy on us all…

NaNoFiMo: 7370

3 thoughts on “The Grim March of the Vegetable

  1. tanita says:

    It is time for at least looking at seed catalogues…

    BTW, my entire writing group is now being dragged along into NaNoFiMo. We groan a lot and whine, but it’s getting done …

  2. Hawk says:

    Do you propitiate the gardening gods with fresh compost or fresh gopher guts, I can never remember…

    Well, down here in Mississippi, maybe possum guts.

    Good luck with the veggies. I kill a tomato plant every summer and that’s about it. But I’m gonna try again to do an herb garden/container garden.

    That spinach sounds pretty damn nifty. Hope it makes it :D

  3. Tarliman says:

    Would like to know how the climbing spinach does. I’ve got the usual Bloomsdale Long Standing and New Zealand cultivars, and will be planting in the early spring and in the fall, having given up on midsummer spinach. I’ve been ordering seeds here and there for a couple of months, and just got in a big seed swap with a permaculture homesteader in Kentucky that got me several new cultivars of peppers, squash, and pumpkins. Mind you, I’m ramping up from our test garden last year to full-on sustainable farm production.

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