O, the Dreadful Wind and Rain

…is not actually hitting us. We’re getting some okay gusts, but honestly, I was hoping for a lot more rain—the lake’s so low that anything we get would be a big help. What we’ve gotten so far is basically “windy with drizzle.” So far the only casualty is my Mexican salvia, which fell over and will require some major staking tomorrow, and the top of a big hickory on the other side of the fence that cracked clean off in a gust. (It was taller than its neighbors, so it was probably only a matter of time anyway.) The wind is no worse than any heavy thunderstorm, and frankly a lot less than some I’ve seen.

As the eye has passed and gone up the coast, and we’re in one of the wimpy quadrants now, I suspect we’ve seen the worst of it in my neck of the woods. Could still have some branches come down, but probably not a massive hit. The goldfinches have formed a flock of at least fourteen individuals on the feeder, and they seem largely unbothered, so I’ll take my cue from them. (They’re entertaining—whenever it gets windy, they jump off the feeder and fly down to the vegetable garden, so that if you look out the window, there’s a dozen goldfinches perching the basil.)

Good luck to all still in the path, and those on the coast, who got it much heavier than we did.

1 thoughts on “O, the Dreadful Wind and Rain

  1. Luftmensch says:

    Having a similar time m’self. Here where I live on the clearwater coast of South Carolina, we’re at the end of the evacuation route leading all the way to Charleston. We still get all the boons of cool, rainy winds, without any of the ill-effects of extreme weather.

    Well, I say that, but at the same time last time we got more than an inch or two of rain, several oaks fell over, taking down power lines, and our pitiful city drains overflowed into the streets. And that happens several times a year.

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