This Gets More And More Bizarre

My art, apparently as related to this “Art4Love” dude, was featured in an article about him.

The article is titled “New York Multimedia Pop Artist Insures His Own Nuts.”

(Boy, THAT was a take-down-my-art letter I didn’t expect to write today…)

If one chases the sock-puppet defending him on the article, it goes to where it kindly lists yet another phone number for Chad the multi-media artist. All the other numbers are either shunting directly to what I’ll guess is a very very full voice mail, but this one gets me a busy signal, so perhaps I’ll keep trying it.

Tsk, tsk. This thing’s like a hydra. You stomp five heads and there’s another one left…


ETA: Mad props to the staff at the Campus Socialite, who got back to me in under ten minutes and promised to pull everything and edit the article—they were just as outraged as you’d expect them to me. I’ve actually granted them permission to use the art with appropriate credit if it’ll help illustrate the issue (pun intended.)

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