Thank you…

…to everybody who wrote to tell me that is stealing my artwork. I’ve sent the usual letters, and the poor fools had a phone number, so there’s a phone message or two in there as well. Their site is currently down, presumably yanked in a panic—we’ll see if they return in a form worth stomping on.

I would normally sigh heavily, write a letter, and move on with life, but they offer “Certificates of Authenticity” with each piece, so now I feel that they must be destroyed under the eyes of heaven, or at least have their ISP refuse to touch them with a ten foot pole.

4 thoughts on “Thank you…

  1. Kate says:

    Chad Love Liberman is a compulsive liar and theif. He grew up in LI under his REAL name Chad Oppenheimer. He later changed his legally changed his name to Love(for fun) and Liberman(he took his mother’s second husband’s aka Stepfather’s name) He is NOT related to Senator Liberman and he is currently living with his grandfather in NYC,
    Chad Love Liberman’s cell 917 363 6400.
    Address –244 East 86th street suit 66 NY NY 10028

  2. Peter says:

    I Find all this to be funny. How can you still something that doesn’t exist. I am an a California artist. I used the inspiration of Andy Warhol and many other greats. I even have artists that paint for me. The internet isn’t real. Sounds like people need to get real jobs.

  3. Alex Trolman Esq. says:

    I found out at a later date that Chad Love Lieberman sued 20 artist for defamation of Character. Nothing was ever proven that he or any of his companies stole something that never existed in the first place. I would recommend probably taking down anything that mentions false information. Before a lawyer contacts you.

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