Baxter and the Bear

I have this hope that someday I will do a full alphabet of something. Ill-fated lemmings seemed like a great idea, a sort of rodentine Gashlycrumb Tinies, but I have learned my lesson from many abandoned projects, and thus my plans are to do A-B-C, and then anything that happens after that is gravy. Also, they will not be too direly alphabetical. That gives me a chance to do something to Xavier (if there was a Xavier) that would not involve either xylophones or yellow-headed blackbirds.

Also, I have PMS, and “poking the bear” seems like an entirely applicable thing at the moment…

Digital, noodling around with texture and my still-not-quite-familiar Painter 11. (Damn you, you have gelded my scratchboard tool!)
Prints are available!

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