Black Dogs!

I spent a chunk of last night with a pen and some large Bookmobile boxes, with the end result that signed copies of Black Dogs 1 & 2 will go on sale tomorrow, along with the regular unsigned copies. (Transit time will take a little longer on signed copies, as I still have to ship the boxes back tomorrow, but should hopefully not be too long.)

And now, back to the grindstone…

3 thoughts on “Black Dogs!

  1. Sleeps says:

    Holy moosecorn! I signed up for an account at Sofawolf to get a copy of the The Mountain of Iron, and to get it to Canada, it costs 23$ for the shipping alone. $_$

    I don’t really mind if I don’t get my copy for another six months, having it arrive, beat up and covered with rabid, flesh-eating sugargliders, but Sofawolf only offers the ultra expensive, and ultra unecessary priority shipping.

    Will BD2 ever make an appearance on Amazon like BD1 has?

  2. Jennifer Wharton says:

    Yeah, the shipping is a little annoying (altho not as bad here in the us – I bookswap and I’ve heard lots of complaints about Canadian postage from Canadians – I feel for you guys) but worth it. I’ve been hovering over Sofawolf for a while waiting for these to come available. Of course I had to buy #1 to re-read the story (originally borrowed it through inter-library loan from a library on the other side of the country) and then I bought It made sense at the time b/c hey it was there…

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