Judging the White Cat

12 x 14 mixed media on gessoboard

First painting of the new year! (I initially dated it as -10, and had to squiggle it to -11…)

Inspired by the way one of the cats was sitting–the line of her back was just so marvelous I had to get it down on paper. Original is for sale, as always, send a note for pricing and prints are available!

The nice thing about the stoffice so far isn’t inspiration or anything else…it’s that when I’m working on something and I need to set it down somewhere, I have OPTIONS. (Drying art used to always get piled on top of the printer. Now I have space! Feet and feet and feet of space!

In other exciting news, I have a couple of guest posts floating on various gardening blogs out there, which I should probably remember to link to…

First Steps

Restoring the Vanished Piedmont Prairie

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