Enter the Stoffice!

In one day of lunacy and madness and moving, the floor got down, minor crises got dealt with, and I have everything moved out of my studio and into the Stoffice.

Not, y’know, organized. Lots more furniture is required for that. At the moment, everything is simply stacked haphazardly, canvases are propped against walls, books are forming sliding piles, and the only piece of art that’s gotten on the walls is the enormous brass Ganesh that my buddy Reese sent me a few years back. (Kevin and I both felt that this was important.)

The contents of my studio seem to mostly consist of stacks of clayboard and foamcore and canvas and prints, with piles of artistic detritus, duck decoys, barong masks, skulls, towers of art books, and several zillion plastic tubs full of crap that was probably essential at some point and undoubtedly will be again.

I am teetering on the edge of exhaustion, and now that I do not have things to pick up and move, I am about to fall down. Tomorrow, I go buy lots of heavy objects and lug them home in the Vibe, aka The Best Little Car In The World. (Seriously, they slid an entire pallet of flooring directly off the forklift and into the back of the car. Once the forklift was removed, it sank down about a foot under the weight, but it got the load home. I shudder to think what my gas mileage was at that point, but I only had to go about five miles. )  But my desk is set up and I have internet and these are the really important things.

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