I tell ya, if you’re ever lacking in creative inspiration, pack your whole studio up in boxes for a couple of days and go tear up carpeting. Apparently there’s nothing quite like it to get the creative juices flowing, because I found myself digging up my watercolor trays (which hadn’t been jammed in a box yet) and scouring the handful of colored pencils that had escaped boxing because they had fallen on the floor or were ground-down nubs stuffed in a corner. I had ONE paintbrush, a size 2 round that had also fallen on the floor, and a bottle of white ink of a brand I don’t like very much, so the results were very small and quick, but I had to paint SOMETHING.

Behold the mighty Hamstersaurus!

4 x 4ish, mixed media on watercolor paper.

Vulture and Vermouth:

5 x 4 mixed media on hotpress watercolor paper

Meanwhile, today is the last day of prep. Tomorrow the flooring guys come. So I have to take up a zillion or so carpet pad staples (if I ever meet the guy who put down this carpet, I am going to throttle him–fifty million staples in the carpet pad, which apparently were required because he put some of the tack strips in upside down. How the hell do you even DO that? *I* wouldn’t even do that!)

Anyway, art is for sale, kinda too small for prints, but the originals are available, send a note or what have you.

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    • admin says:

      Ha! Actually, we found this thing called a Catspaw that’s basically a miniature crowbar–works a treat. Thank god I already owned my own kneepads, though…

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