NanoThingyMo Wrap

Welp, looks like we’re here at December 1st, so time to cast an eye back on what I got done for Nanofimo this year.

…not as much as I wanted to, really, but stuff definitely DID get worked on, so it’s all good.

Out of three projects I wanted to get to the next stage, I got one send-to-agent ready.  The short story stalled out entirely–I still think it’s a great idea, I just don’t know HOW to do the next bit. The Thing With The Goblins actually got a good bit of work done–added about 8K, hit two of the mental landmarks I was aiming for, so that’s definite and substantial progress, and I’m a lot closer to the end.

Perhaps the best bit is that I got about halfway through the next Dragonbreath script. That’s not due until January 3rd, but owing to the going-to-the-coffee-shop-and-sitting-down-and-writing-goddamnit that I started doing two or three times a week for Nanofimo, it’s a heckuva lot farther on than I expected to be.

So, all in all–not quite all that I hoped to get done got done, but some other stuff DID get done, and generally I think it came out pretty well.

Also, there were like fifty-odd Dragonbreath illos and 7 Digger and a coupla paintings in there too, so I’m really not beating myself up about productivity last month.  Ganesh willing, the coffee-shop writing habit will stick, and that’ll be a good outcome no matter what.

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