Awkward Archipelago I

All she wanted was to go to the coffee shop. It had been one of those mornings, and yes, she was trying to save money, but damnit, she needed a chai latte. She deserved a chai latte.


8 x 10, mixed media on coldpress watercolor

Then things got a little weird, and there were people on the bus that didn’t exactly look like people, and the bus driver was a narwhal–a narwhal!–and there is absolutely nothing that prepares you to discover that the bus driver is a large marine mammal, so she stood there, staring, while her change clicked into the little box and then the door was closed and the bus started and she had to go take a seat or fall down.

The first open seat was next to a tabby cat wearing a mask. The next open seat would have put her next to a guy who looked fairly normal, but he had wet eyes and was breathing loudly through his mouth, whereas the cat was sitting neatly with its tail over its toes and gazing thoughtfully out the window.

It’s okay, she told herself, I’ve just gone mad is all. A little caffiene will fix it up nicely.

And then the bus let her off at something that definitely wasn’t the coffee shop.

It looked like a very small rock in the middle of the ocean, actually. She could have sworn that she signaled for the usual stop, but–well–small rock. No barista. Hmm.

The cat got off with her.

She still hadn’t gotten her latte.


There’s actually a follow-up to this in the works, if I can ever get it finished…

Mixed media of the really mixed kind. Did the sketch on brown paper as part of series of doodles of this poor girl on these really bizarre islands, decided I needed to start from the beginning, scanned it, cleaned up the linework, laid down a digital underpainting, printed it out on cold-press watercolor paper, which does really peculiar things to dark colors (mostly just rendering them very flat and undifferentiated) and worked it over with acrylic paint, ink, and colored pencil. The end result is about 8 x 10 and I guess for sale, drop a line if interested!

And don’t ask if it’ll be a series, because you KNOW how that works.

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  1. fierylioness says:

    >^n.n^< OMGSQUEE. It's a cat. In a plague-mask. OMG. *flails* And the story…. I love it! *hugs the Ursula* My favorite person!

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