The NaNoFiMo Report

A little over halfway through the month, and time to check in on my National Novel Finishing Month goals!

Which…are…um. Still goals. Yes. Haven’t forgotten them, have gotten a little done…not as much as I’d hoped.

I got the Thing With The Hedgehog up to the point I wanted early on, and it’s getting a couple of once-overs from friends before I ship it out to my agent—Penguin has bought three books I haven’t delivered yet (and they haven’t paid me an advance for yet) and the next major series after Dragonbreath is likely to be another comic-fusion thing (please god, let them want to buy it!) so we’re not exactly in a hurry to sell ANOTHER stand-alone–either I’d have to write another zillion words while doing everything else, or I’d be looking at a delivery date sometime in 2013 or so. Never hurts to have a solid project ready to go, though.

Managed to tack about 3K onto The Thing With The Goblins. It is definitely a novella, and we are rather closer to the climax. I know mostly what happens, I just don’t know quite how long it’s gonna take to get there. Hopeful that I’ll finish by the end of the month, but not really counting on it–still, if I can get another 7K on it, I will consider that a respectable showing, and that should get me pretty close to the end, possibly to the point where I can finish by the end of the year.

Kinda stalled on The Thing With The Birds. Realizing that I probably have to be Stephen King to do the next bit. Not sure how much of that I can channel.

So, um…one out of three ain’t bad. I guess.

On the bright side, I have gotten a LOT done on Campbreath, which is the, y’know, Actual Paying Project, and which is now 1/3rd done or thereabouts.  Even if I don’t hit all three of my NaNoFiMo goals, that’s a very solid showing on THAT and will keep me from having to write the whole thing in a single terrifying weekend in late December. (Don’t do this, kids. It’s not healthy.) So I think the writing has generally been a success, even if it hasn’t been as much as I’d like on the FiMo projects.

I also need to do three small framed pieces by the 26th, for the holiday art show at the local gallery.  And of course Digger, and of course, the continued three-Ghostbreath-a-day illos, plus this one great painting idea I had recently, and…yeaaaah. At the end of the month, I may not have gotten the full NaNoFiMo done, but I will certainly have gotten a LOT done, and sometimes you take what you can get.

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