Moving right along…

Yesterday was actually surprisingly productive, all things considered. Obligatory Dragonbreath done, ran more prints, then took the laptop out to Starbucks and sat there for two hours until I had gotten The Thing With The Hedgehog to the cut-off point and written the synopsis for it. One goal down!

I seem to be becoming a coffee shop writer. This is kind of annoying. I never was one before. I know it happens to a lot of people–over time it becomes easier to work without the myriad distractions of your own space, which I have filled with Lots And Lots of Distractions–but I didn’t expect it to happen to me, and I feel a vague sense of miffedness about it. Will I eventually be crashing in remote cabins owned by friends when I need to finish a book?

Still, the work gets done, and that’s the important bit. However it gets done is immaterial.  And there’s a cafe in town with booths with plug-ins for laptops, free refills, and terrible service, so you can kill two hours there fairly quickly before anybody thinks to bring you a check (or in some cases, a menu.)

And I finished poking at a painting, which is always a good thing. Although I may have destroyed a second one by second-guessing myself. We’ll know once the paint has dried enough to paint over it again…

Gorman's Rabbit IV

Generally I get sick of variations on a theme after about three paintings–sometimes two, sometimes just the sketches–but I keep coming back to these.  (There’s a very large deer woman painting hanging on the wall of the stairwell that I really need to photograph at some point, as it defies scanning due to sheer size…)  With this one, I think I decided that the figure needs to be a little larger in proportion to the space–the rhino filled the space more thoroughly, and that adds something to it. But doing it on collaged manga was kinda fun and gives it a nice subtle visual texture.

Anyway, prints available, original is for sale, drop a line about pricing, etc.

Meanwhile, it is time to take a shower and go put on real pants and get to work.

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