Well, crud.

I am suddenly remember WHY I don’t do the Taxman prints often–my mailing place presented me with a bill for the first set to go out last wee, and it was…rather more than anticipated.

Which is not their fault, they’re giving me a good discount and kicking ass, but they were using free boxes from DHL for packing up until very recently, and now that DHL stopped that, they have to pay for their boxes, which adds to the price, which they then have to charge me. Cardboard is spendy.


The way to make it all work is to ship these in tubes. I had been somewhat resistant because I’m not a huge fan of tube-kind myself–and also, honestly, stuffing the things myself is murder–but it now saves me something like $8. Per print. Which is not inconsiderable, and kinda makes the difference between the making money and the not making money in this case, and potentially between raising my shipping costs on the website and possibly lowering them by a buck or two, at least domestically.

I realize that some people absolutely hate tubed prints. If this is the case, since this is absolutely a late addition and you weren’t warned about it–please e-mail me at ursulav (at) metalandmagic.com and I will ship yours out flat at no extra charge (and if enough people hate it, I will go ahead and just raise the shipping cost on the website and not do the tube thing.)

Regular sized prints will continue to go out the same way as ever–this only affects orders with jumbo prints in them.

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