The IRS sent me a nice note telling me that by the way, they’ve decided I owe them $600 more than I thought I did. Uf da.

Theoretically there’s a whole bunch of book money out there with my name on it, but it keeps not showing up, and I keep digging deeper into my savings to get through. Like…for months and months. And for god’s sake, it’s lots of money to ME, but a drop in the bucket to THEM.

And the whole thing just makes me crabby and discouraged.


2 thoughts on “Blargh.

  1. Lindis says:

    you´re not alone, I got hit with a 900€ excess payment. thankfully I could talk them down to 300, not having been told that the excess on that rental car was that high before I took it out -_-

    *big hugs from across the ocean*

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