Kevin & Ursula Review Cheap Pre-Packaged Food

…so you don’t have to!

Kevin and I have been saying for over a year that we should do a blog or something where we review cheap pre-packaged food, because we eat a LOT of it, and there’s tons of it out there and we are both voracious and talkative, and surely the amount of ramen we have consumed in our lifetimes can be put to some ultimate good use.

Finally Kevin just set up a microphone and we ramble for twenty minutes about our two frozen foodstuffs–frozen perogies and a bowl of Simply Asia microwave noodles, with detours involving heritage turkeys, crappy forks and the beagle.

There may never be another one, but it was entertaining.


7 thoughts on “Kevin & Ursula Review Cheap Pre-Packaged Food

  1. Wildfire says:

    Do more, please. That’s been one of the more entertaining things I’ve listened to. And I’d love to know which frozen food to try and avoid. ^_^

  2. Karl says:

    What’s not to love?

    I usually just stir-fry whatever greasy leftovers and frozen-in-a-bag diced veggies I’ve got with a mostly-cooked block of hobocide-grade ramen. Your method is far more inspiring, and easier!

  3. Kate says:

    I actually used to eat the Asian Bistro noodles (spicy kung pao flavor) when I worked the night shift at the Grand Canyon. I was laughing at your take on a familiar food item. (The kung pao comes with peanut topping, too. And it’s not particularly spicy. It’s possible they are all the same product with different words on the cardboard.)

    Though now that I am older and (ostensibly) wiser, I would consider adding real vegetables to it, because growing up just means you figure out how to do more with your microwave.

    You guys should definitely keep doing this.

  4. Roderick Cousar says:

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