Stupid Oysters

I have been a little off lately…not bad, just not terribly enthusiastic about anything, and it seems frequently thwarted by life. But today was different! Today I woke up charged and cheerful and ready to go! The sun was shining, the weather was glorious, the birds were singing! The world was my oyster!

I promptly fell down the back steps and wrenched my ankle. (The good ankle, not the trick ankle. Except after today it may also be a trick ankle. I assume that if they’re both that way, they’re not “trick” you just have lousy ankles. Getting old sucks.)

Not broken, not swelling appreciably. Hurts though, and inclined to stiffen up quickly and hurt more. I took some Aleve. Kevin says he’ll pick me an ankle wrap, so I’ll wrap up like a bargain-basement race horse and cope.

The world is still glorious! The birds are still singing! And the nice thing about oysters is that they’re stationary and it doesn’t matter how slowly I hobble after them, they can’t run away!

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